All of Tampere Hates Nazis

ALL OF TAMPERE HATES NAZIS, at Central Square at 11 AM on the 21st of Ocober.

Don’t let the nazis take over streets of Tampere, so come resist the nazi march on 21st of October.

The nazi organization Nordic Resistance Movement (NMR) has announced that it will organize a demonstration in Tampere on Saturday 21st of October. Earlier in Tampere the organization has organized unannounced demonstrations, during which bypassers have been assaulted. However, this demonstration differs from the past ones, because the organization is striving to show its force in Tampere by bringing nazis from all over Finland and Nordic countries.

In Finland the NMR, which has conducted several violent strikes across Nordic countries, has for example perpetrated a gas attack against a Pride march, the nazi riot in Jyväskylä, and the assault that killed Jimi Karttunen. In Sweden the violence has been even greater in magnitude. However, the increase of nazi violence has not taken place without a backlash, and a year ago the Game Over (”Peli Poikki”)
demonstration against the organization gathered 20 000 people in Helsinki. Similarly a mass of 3000 people opposed the NMR march on Independence Day (6th of December).

We don’t want to surrender the streets of Tampere to nazis, and thus we must take to the streets to resist their oppressive and misanthropic politics. Therefore we call on all those against fascism to show what we think of nazis and their marches.

Behind the All of Tampere Hates Nazis event is a coalition of individuals, organized people and other actors. Let’s fill the streets of Tampere with antifascist slogans, signs and banners. Spread information about the demonstration and come alone or with your friends. The event is of peaceful character.

The time and more exact location of the demonstration will become clarified shortly.