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The influencers of the Finnish NS music scene part 3: Mikko Aspa of Northern Heritage, Clandestine Blaze, Vapaudenristi & Sarvilevyt

This article is part of a series about Finland’s national socialist music scene. We offer now an English version of the text due to several requests. The English version has been amended slightly from the original to give some basic

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NSBM band Necropole on a minitour in Finland – first gig with nazi bands in a secret venue in Jyväskylä.

This is an English translation of text that first appeared on the webpage of Anti-fascist Network Varis in Finnish. Original was published here 18th of November 2018. The French NSBM (National Socialist Black Metal) band Necropole, founded 2012, will do

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The Antifascist network Varis turns 5 years!

On Wednesday the 13th of February 2019 it has been five years since the founding of the Antifascist network Varis in Finland. The five year celebrations were held in the following weekend in Helsinki, Jyväskylä and Tampere. At the end

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SS-fan Pekka Kääriäinen’s business under pressure in Berlin

Pekka Kääriäinen and his company “Bryggeri Helsinki” are under more pressure from Berlin based antifascist networks. In January 2019 an article was published in the left-liberal daily newspaper taz, criticizing Pekka Kääriäinen’s appearance on one of Germany’s biggest annual trade

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What is Suomen Sisu?

Part 1: From taking over the scene to taking over the party The oldest of the currently active fascist organizations in Finland is Suomen Sisu – “the Finnish Sisu”, sisu referring to a kind of determination or hardiness supposedly part

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Swedish nazis of the Nordic Resistance Movement had a surprise march in Helsinki, Finnish members also took part

The Nordic Resistance Movement, which was ruled to be abolished by the Turku Appeal Court, organized a surprise demonstration in Helsinki on 20th of October 2018. The demonstration came as a surprise to most of the Finnish nazis as well,

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Court of Appeal abolishes Nordic Resistance Movement, NRM nazis established new association

The Turku Appeal Court ruled on Friday 28th of September 2018, like the Pirkanmaa District Court, that the neo-nazi organization Finland’s Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) and its background organization Pohjoinen Perinne ry (Nordic Tradition r.a) is to be abolished. The

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A party of murderers: Nordic Resistance Movement Finland founded a new party project before going to the Court of Appeal

In all silence, the Nordic Resistance Movement has started a party project called Kansan yhtenäisyys ry. (People’s Unity, registered association). The initiation of collecting supporter cards to found a National Socialist party in Finland is a panic reaction to the

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The New Fascist Tradition of Independence Day: The 612 Demonstration in Finland 2014-2016

This is an English translation of an article the anti-fascist network Varis published 29th of November 2017 in Finnish. The text was published just before the 100 years anniversary of Finland’s independence. It describes the origins and development of annual

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Meidän Tampere #ilmannatseja -mielenosoitus

(English below) Meidän Tampere #ilmannatseja -mielenosoitus Tervetuloa rasismin ja natsismin vastaiseen mielenosoitukseen, joka järjestetään Tampereella lauantaina 15. syyskuuta. Mielenosoitus kokoontuu klo 15:00 alkaen Judengtorilla, joka sijaitsee Keskustoria vastaapäätä Hämeenkadun toisella puolella. Jugendtorilta liikutaan keskustan halki Tammelan torille. Viime vuosina olemme

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