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May Day greetings from Varisverkosto

International Workers Day 2022 The Varisverkosto network in Finland stand in solidarity with the anti-fascists and anti-authoritarians fighting the Russian state. We send our greetings to those fighting in Ukraine and around the world. We stand with you in this

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Interview with Swedish anti-fascist researchers Garm

This interview is also published in Finnish. We, the editors have added some links to make it more informative. Are you part of an anti-fascist movement abroad that could be of interest to readers in Finland? Contact us on varistoimitus

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(ENG/RUS) The Varis network condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine and encourages resistance to the war / Антифашисткая сеть “Ворона” осуждает вторжение России в Украину и поддерживает противостояние войне

The Varis network condemns the Russian attack on Ukraine started on February 24th 2022 and encourage resistance to the war.During the last days there has been anti-war demonstrations around the world. In Finland tens of thousands of people have taken

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Presenting the Turku-based national socialist Pauli Kaila

In this article we present Pauli Kaila, a Turku-based far-right activist. Kaila has been active in various Nazi organizations for over a decade and is the founder and leader of the sub-cultural Ukonvasama collective. This article was previously published in

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Redox – 15 years of investigating the far-right in Denmark

Earlier this year, the Danish anti-fascist collective Redox turned 15 years old. The Varis network reached out for an interview about their work and the recent state of politics in Denmark. Hello, and congratulations to your 15th anniversary as a

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The long relationship between the Finns Party and the far-right in Southwest Finland

In this article Varis Turku will showcase the connections between the Finns Party (Perussuomalaiset) and the far-right in Turku and Southwest Finland (Varsinais-Suomi, Finland Proper). The article can be read as a local example of how the Finns Party has

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Finnish NMR activist Samuli Matilainen accused of murdering another member – pleaded insanity in court

[Suomeksi / På Svenska] The pan-Nordic neo-Nazi organization Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) was outlawed in Finland in October 2020 and further shaken two months later when a love triangle involving their members resulted in murder. Samuli Matilainen, an activist in

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Nordic Resistance Movement banned in Finland – the history of the court case and what the Nazis are doing now

The pan-Nordic national socialist organization Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) have been banned in Finland by the Supreme Court, but the Nazis are continuing their activities under new names. In this article we will present an overview of the legal process

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Justice for Sakine Cansiz, Fidan Doğan and Leyla Şaylemez!

This is in remembrance of three Kurdish women who fought against fascism. They were murdered in Paris on this day 8 years ago. On January 9th 2013 a Turkish man with links to the Turkish security service shot three Kurdish

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The influencers of Finnish NS music, part 1: Sami Haavisto of Northern Brotherhood and Horror Shop

This article is part of a series about Finland’s national socialist music scene. We offer now an English version of the text due to several requests. The English version has been amended slightly from the original to give some basic

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