Varisverkosto ja Viva järjestävät torstaina 18.1. dokumentti-illan

Varisverkosto ja Viva järjestävät torstaina 18.1. dokumentti-illan, jossa katsomme The driving force behind far-right populism -dokumentin (DW Documentary, 2017, 42 min). Dokumentti käsittelee äärioikeiston nousua Saksassa, oikeistopopulistien taktiikoita ja fasismin uudelleen brändäystä salonkikelpoiseksi liikkeeksi maassa, jossa näin ei enää pitänyt tapahtua. Keskustelemme dokumentin jälkeen myös tarkemmin Suomen tilanteesta.

Ilta järjestetään Yo-kylän kerhohuoneella klo 18, osoite Inspehtorinkatu 4 B.

Tule ja ota toverisikin mukaan!

Natsit ja muut suunsoittajat eivät ole tervetulleita.

Varisverkosto and student group Viva organize together a documentary evening on Thursday 18.1. We will watch The driving force behind far-right populism (DW documentary, 2017, 42 min. ).

DW Documentaries presents an item on the rise of far-right populism, in regards to the rise of the AfD in Germany. The documentary focuses on how old fashioned fascists meet with new fashioned nationalism, backed up by seriously wealthy people, claiming that they aren’t nazis. They just want to build up the 4th reich. What tactics do the populist use to gain votes and why are they popular in a country that has people that should know better and have been on the lookout for neo-nazis for decades? What is the new hip political situation that is growing all around Europe and in Finland as well. The Far-right is fully organized and ready to take place in the government by democratic means.

After the film there will be a discussion about the situation in Finland.

The evening is held in the Student village space kerhohuone at 18 o’clock, address: Inspehtorinkatu 4 B.

Warmly welcome and bring your friend and comrade!

No nazis no bullshit!


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