May Day greetings from Varisverkosto

International Workers Day 2022

The Varisverkosto network in Finland stand in solidarity with the anti-fascists and anti-authoritarians fighting the Russian state. We send our greetings to those fighting in Ukraine and around the world. We stand with you in this struggle!

There are are several anti-fascist organizations in Ukraine that actively work against Putins war. The Resistance Committee has gotten much attention and the Operation Solidarity project has been supported by Finnish comrades. We recommend watching the documentary “Ukraine War video dispatch: North-Eastern European anarchists respond to the Russian narrative” .

Operation Solidarity has inspired actions in many countries and has raised the spirit of solidarity in Finland as well. As a movement resisting fascism and fighting for the freedom for all, it is important that we support each other internationally. In Italy, the Brigate Volontarie organization have been building working class solidarity by helping people in need during the Covid pandemic, and when the war started they began sending support to Ukraine and helping refugees. Comrades in Ukraine have also raised awareness of Turkeys recent attacks on Bashur and Rojava.

Varisverkosto is encouraging everyone to support comrades fighting the Russian state as well as organize for anti-fascist and feminist struggles at home. We wish you a happy May Day!

We recommend these May Day 2022 events in Finland:

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