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Author Shane Burley on the far right speakers that are coming to Finland: “They desperately want to create a cross-European alliance to focus on the white race”

On 6th of April 2019, an international far right conference named Awakening will be organized in Finland. The aim of the Awakening conference is to spread ethno-nationalist, identitarian, white nationalist and other neo-fascist ideas to Finnish far right. Also the

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Nazi killed an anti-fascist by driving car into a demonstration – Solidarity with Charlottesville’s anti-fascists!

Pavlos Fyssas, Clément Méric, Jimi Karttunen, Heather Heyer… The list of people murdered by Nazis is growing. On August 12, hundreds of fascists from across the United States met in Charlottesville, Virginia, in the protest called “Unite the Right”, a

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Anti-fascism beyond borders

It is clear that the US is now one of many other countries that has succumbed to the domino effect of reverting to xenophobic, racist, and even fascist tendencies, under the rhetoric of trade protectionism, stopping religious extremism, as well

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