Swedish nazis of the Nordic Resistance Movement had a surprise march in Helsinki, Finnish members also took part

The Nordic Resistance Movement, which was ruled to be abolished by the Turku Appeal Court, organized a surprise demonstration in Helsinki on 20th of October 2018. The demonstration came as a surprise to most of the Finnish nazis as well, for almost half of the participants in the smallish demonstration were Swedish!

Just over a week ago on Saturday around midday, a group of NRM-nazis gathered at Rautatietori in Helsinki to have a demonstration. The demonstration was not advertised publicly beforehand and not even internally to supporting members of the NRM. Only approximately 85 people took part in the demonstration (one can check the number from a video online made by the nazis themselves). A person using the nickname “Jussi” complained in the comment section of the article about the demonstration at NRM’s own web page: “Why was this not announced? I would have liked to take part, I’m a supporting member after all and have taken part in the last three demonstrations”. Instead of informing other nazis, the authorities had been informed about the demonstration, since in the live broadcast from the event torture murderer Rami Joukanen says that he has organized the event, got permission for it and negotiated with the police about the march. Joukanen therefore seems to have replaced Jesse Torniainen, who’s currently in prison and was taking care of these duties previously.

Screenshot from the comment section of the news article by the NRM regarding the demonstration:                         Jussi: “Why was this not announced? I would have liked to take part, I’m a supporting member after all and have taken part in the last three demonstrations”
Shlomo “foreskin-snatcher” Shekelstein: “Everything can’t logically be told to everyone in this system of traitors of the people”

At the beginning of the demonstration the Swedish members of the NRM grouped to the front of the demonstration and Finnish members were put behind then, which accurately describes the NRM as an organization. Our Swedish antifascist comrades went through the partiticipants of the demonstration and it turned out that at least 35 patricipants of the smallish event were known members of the NRM in Sweden. In addition to this, the police announced that they had apprehended 9 people of the NRM at the harbour, who were going to take part in the march, to prevent disturbance. The Deputy Chief of Police Heikki Koperoinen said that the 9 nazis apprehended at the harbour were found “to be in possession of equipment, such as combat gloves, on grounds of which they had prepared to use violence”. It has since been asked online why so many other members of the NRM were allowed to take part in the demonstration equipped with combat gloves and flag poles made of metal to prepare themselves for fighting. After the demonstrion the NRM published a propagandavideo about the weekend titled “Taking over the streets of Finland”. It remains to be seen how other “nationalists” react to the NRM’s marching of Swedish nazis to the Finnish Ministry of the Interior. All in all, at least 44 Swedish members of the NRM traveled to Finland. The following Swedish members of the NRM made it to the demonstration in Helsinki:

Niklas Yngwe, Tobias Malvå, Robin Nordlund, Edgar Mizera, Mikael Svannäs, Tina Lund, Leo Hugsen, Zacharias Horten, Magnus Wardmo, Jimmy Thunlind, Anders Rydberg, Ingemar Westerbring, Peter Frostfors, Jonas Nygren, William Börjesson, Patrick Christensson Marcus Kultti, Emil Starkenberg, Elin Johansson, Anders Jonsson, Linus Blomqvist, Oskar Bergström, Amanda Thun, Oska Karlsson, Tobias Hansson , Hampus Maijala, David Larsson, Markus Larsson, Per Norén, Julius Blomqvist, Victor Nordström, Mikael Svannäs (and his unknown partner) as well as a young NRM member from Stockholm, who was filming the event. More info about them can be searched for from the web site of Swedish AFA Antifa.se.

Swedish nazis of the NRM posing in front of the Finnish Ministry of the Interior. From right to left: Zacharias Horten, William Börjesson, Tobias Malvå, Mikael Svannäs, (Karl) Victor Nordström, Edgar Mizera, Marcus Kultti, Leo Hugsén and an unknown person.

The NRM’s demonstration marched to Kruununhaka, where some of the Swedish nazis leading it went to stand in front of the Finnish Ministry of the Interior with a banderole. From the Swedes posing in front of the Ministry of the Interior (photo above), Zacharias Horten is known for his wretched online romance. The Swedish Police confiscated William Börjesson’s hunting weapons due to him taking part in the NRM’s activities. Tobias Malvå is a long-line nazi, who for a while tried to leave the nazi movement by participating in the Exit-organization, but returned to the nazi scene. Mikael Svannäs tried to participate in the NRM’s Independence Day march last year in Helsinki, but was, with many others, denied access to Finland by the police. Svannäs also took part in the Kärrtorp attack, an event which drew attention in Finland and Sweden in 2013, when a group of NRM-nazis attacked a family friendly antiracist demonstration in Stockholm. Other people standing in front of the Ministry of the Interior were (Karl) Victor Nordström, Edgar Mizera, Marcus Kultti, Leo Hugsén and an unknown person. Mizera has been convicted of very brutal violence against women.

From the Finnish NRM there were members present from all over the country. The chairman of the Finnish NRM Antti Niemi gave a speech at the Finnish Ministry of the Interior that he read from a paper, which showed a total lack of interest. Perhaps Niemi is tired of the trial to ban the NRM that has already been going on for around one and a half years and would like to give up his duties as the chairman of the organization already? During Niemi’s speech Ville Nurmela, an NRM activist from Uusikaupunki, acted as a mic holder. In addition Nurmela, who was acting as the slogan shouter at the demonstration, Mimmi Kallila from Uusikaupunki was also present. The nazis from Uusikaupunki are a part of the NRM’s Pori group, from which there were at least a couple of other members present. From the Pirkanmaa group lead by Niemi only a few members had bothered to get to the demonstration, like “The Activist of the Year 2017” Toni Toorikka.

The Finnish NRM’s leader Antti Niemi giving a speech at the demo. Ville Nurmela, who lives in Uusikaupunki, is holding the microphone with combat gloves in hands
Onni Johannes Rautio was carrying a megaphone at the Nordic Resistance Movements demonstration. Rautio is believed to live in Eastern Finland. At the background to the left (bare headed) is Ingemar Westerbring from Sweden.

The leader of the NRM’s Southern Helsinki group and a central contact person to Sweden, Otto Rutanen, acted as the coordinator outside of the demonstration, keeping an eye on the demo, giving orders via telephone and negotiating with the police. In addition to Rutanen, present from the Helsinki group were Rami Joukanen and the only NRM-nazi in Porvoo, Niklas Suomi, keeping an eye out for the march on the sides of the Swedish banderole carriers. Also from the Helsinki group, Jani Pihlaja from Vantaa showed up. Pihlaja also writes a blog that concentrates in nazi music.

There were NRM members present from several cities. From the NRM Jyväskylä group Tomi Tiihonen, who hides firearms in his home, was present. The Turku “group” was represented by the only member Jani Ketola. The secretary of the NRM party project Harri Aurema had traveled there from Ylivieska. Many of the old essential members of the Finnish NRM were conspicuously absent.

Members of the NRM’s Helsinki group Niklas Suomi and Rami Joukanen guided the demonstration with combat gloves on while it moved. Outside of the demonstration a leader figure for the Finnish NRM was pulling the strings. In the photo: Rutanen (back side to the camera, in the green jacket), Suomi (on the right) and Joukanen (second from the right) negotiating with the police during the demonstration.

Niklas Suomi (on the right in front) being interviewed by a Swedish member of the NRM at the Helsinki demonstration. Suomi, who lives in Porvoo, is a part of the NRM’s Helsinki group. [kuvateksti]
The demonstration was against the banning of the NRM by the Turku Appeal Court and to collect signatures for cards needed to make the nazi’s party project into an actual party. The time for appeal of the Appeal Court’s ruling is 60 days, before which the Appeal Court’s ruling will not come to effect. The time for the appeal ends during November. Waiting for the time for the appeal to end, the NRM does not seem to be doing well judging by saturday’s surprise demonstration. If one does not count the plentiful helpers from Sweden at the demonstration, the NRM was able to gather 30-50 members from the whole of Finland to their secretly organized demonstration.

If you recognize any of the unknown Finnish members of the NRM, contact us by email: varistoimitus[at]riseup.net (Interesting information would be for example name, city where they live, workplace etc.)

The NRM member in the photo has taken part in harrassing the Helsinki Pride in the summer of 2018 with the NRM’s Helsinki group, among other things.
The NRM member in the photo has taken part in the activities of the NRM’s Helsinki group during the last year.
The person in the photo has been an active participant in the activities of the NRM’s Pori group during the last year. The photo on the left is from a NRM demonstration in Helsinki 20th of October 2018. The person in the photo on the right is at NRM’s demonstration in Turku 18th of August 2018 wearing a security officers armband.
The person in the photo has participated in the activities of NRM’s Helsinki group during this year.

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