The Activist of the Year of the Nordic Resistance Movement in Finland is the torture-murderer Rami Joukanen

Rami Joukanen as a person in charge at the demonstration of the Nordic Resistance Movement in Tampere 21st of October 2017.

Rami Joukanen (who goes by the name Rami Termonen in social media), active in the Helsinki group of the Nordic Resistance Movement, has committed an extremely brutal torture-murder at the age of 16, tells Swedish Expressen-magazine. In 2018 the Nordic Resistance Movement in Finland rewarded Joukanen as the ”activist of the year”. The rewarding of Joukanen follows the same pattern as the rewarding of Jesse Torniainen in Stockholm 2017 after he had killed Jimi Karttunen. The nazi organization rewards the most violent of its members.

Expressen brought the case of Joukanen to public knowledge during the Almedalen politics week organized in Sweden, which the NRM of Sweden has disturbed before, and many members of the nazi organization has been arrested because of this. Termonen participated in the disturbance by, among other things, doing nazi salutes.

”Nordic revolution against the zionist occupying government.” According to the ZOG conspiracy theory, Finland and other Western countries are ”occupied by Jewish regime”. In social media Rami Joukanen goes by the name Rami Termonen and shares plenty of antisemitic and Adolf Hitler praising nazi propaganda.

In the year 2007 Joukanen was part of a group of three people, that tortured a 55 year old disabled man for hours and eventually murdered him. Joukanen was sentenced for killing a disabled person in torture style, but because of his under-age status he didn’t receive a full sentence. At the time Joukanen was active in the National Socialist Front (Nationalsocialistisk Front, NSF in Swedish) which functioned in Sweden in the years 1994-2008. Joukanen was expelled from the nazi organization after the case. Later Joukanen joined the Nordic Resistance Movement, in which he is still working.

Rami Joukanen at the demonstration of the Nordic Resistance Movement in November 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden.
A couple of years ago Rami Joukanen moved from Sweden to Finland and works now in the Helsinki group of the Nordic Resistance Movement.

During the past couple of years Joukanen has been seen repeatedly in nazi events in Finland and Sweden. In the year 2017 Termonen acted as a person in charge in NRM demonstrations in Tampere and Helsinki. In April 2018 Joukanen participated in the harassment of school children and their teachers at a school located in Rastila of Helsinki.

Samuli Matilainen, Jani Pihlaja, Janne Moilanen, and Rami Joukanen of the Nordic Resistance Movement harassing the school day of children in front of the school located in Rastila, Helsinki, 26th of April 2018.
Rami Joukanen practicing shooting.

Last time Rami Joukanen was seen in Helsinki, when a small group of Nordic Resistance Movement members disturbed participants of the Pride parade by photographing them. In the ideology of the Nordic Resistance Movement, hatred of LGBTQI-people and antisemitism are connected in the misanthropic nazi ideology.

Nordic Resistance Movement picturing participants of the Pride. From left to right, Niklas Suomi from Porvoo, Samuli Matilainen of Espoo, and Rami Joukanen.

Soon, the Nordic Resistance Movement has been active in Finland for ten years. During this time it has become clear that the nazis, in the name of their national-socialist ideology, are ready to brutalize, torture, and kill people. The actions of the likes of Rami Joukanen, Sebastian Lämsä, and Jesse Torniainen, nazis who have committed violent assaults, prove that there is a strong need for organized and broad antifascism in the Finnish society. Nazi violence must be stopped.

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