Solidarity with imprisoned protesters in Belarus

“Free all political prisoners!”

On the weekend 21st to 23rd of April Tattoo Circus -festival against repression and imprisonment and for the support of prisoners took place in Helsinki, Finland.

In the festival several tattoo artists provided their time, experience and creativity to support this struggle and to become a part of it. Also different presentations, distros, people’s kitchens and info tables contributed to the event. The principle is that nobody earns anything, but the complete proceeds will get to those people who fight with determination against the state and capitalism.

Varis Helsinki participated in the festival by organizing a gig on Saturday night together with Tattoo Circus. During a break between playing we wanted to devote a moment to greet people who have been fighting the Lukashenko regime in Belarus and to send a message of solidarity to all insurgents who have been imprisoned for their revolutionary efforts.

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