Helsinki without Nazis 6.12.


On the Independence day the 6th of December there is going to be a record amount of far right events in Helsinki. At 15:30 a march will be held by the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM), whose Finnish branch FRM assaulted Jimi Karttunen this September with fatal consequences. The same organisation has earlier been involved with several other assaults, for example in the pepper spray attack on the Pride march in 2010.

Not even three months have passed since the death of Jimi Karttunen and the Nazis are coming to Helsinki to spread their fascist message and threaten the people of the city. NRM supports creation of a Nordic Nazi state and annexation of Finland to Sweden. On the Independence day they aim to bring Nazis from Sweden to bluster and march. This is the first time the FRM is marching openly with their own insignia, inviting not only their core membership but more broadly “patriotic” actors to march.

After their own march NRM will join the torch-lit march, organised by, according to its own definition, “a broad front of patriotic people”. In addition to NRM, Timo Hännikäinen, an author infamous for his misogynistic writings and Teemu Lahtinen, the former chairman of Suomen Sisu and in 90s active in the Patriotic People’s Movement IKL. Former leader of the Finnish Resistance Movement Esa Holappa has said that the torch-lit march was for the first time organised in 2014 by an initiative from FRM, and in earlier years they’ve been involved in organising security at the event.

Join us on the 6th of December to show that neither NRM nor any other far right organisation or project is welcome to Helsinki. We will meet at Asema-aukio at 14:30 and move from there to the direction of Senate Square to make it clear to Nazis what we think about racism and fascism.

Our demonstration aims not to confront the police, but to politically oppose the Nazis via a nonviolent demonstration.

Helsinki without Nazis – now and forever!

Note: The time and place of the demonstration might still change, so follow the announcements from the event in case of changes.

The demonstration is organised by Varisverkosto, A-ryhmä and the Left Youth of Helsinki.