Snitches, weak leadership and degradation of racial theories – Finnish Resistance movement in 2015

The Finnish resistance movement (FRM) is a hitlerist nazi-sect led from Sweden by an ex-bonehead Klas Lund*. They strive for a pan-Nordic dictatorship, which would be a copy of the Calmar union mixed with Third Reich policies. FRM is best known for their violence, terroristic actions and deep macho culture that promotes “honor” and blood purity. Behind the curtains FRM is full of snitches, so called race traitors and a leadership that uses a snitch as a spokesman for the organization internationally. saksaf1Even their saksaf2nazi-ideology is for sale for that matter. FRM is participating in an international nazi-conference Reconquista Europa that is organized by “Deutsche Stimme” on 9-10.10.2015 in Germany.

Juuso Tahvanainen – “leader” of FRM


The Finnish resistance movement was founded in 2008 when Henrik Holappa was in correspondence with the convicted members from the US based nazi-terrorist organization The Order. They connected Holappa with Magnus Söderman who at the time was working as one of the leaders of the Swedish resistance movement (SRM) that wanted a division in Finland. Later SRM has founded sister organizations also in Norway and Denmark, making the Nordic resistance movement (NRM) the umbrella organization of all these. The Nordic resistance movement has always been known as the most violent and dogmatic of all the fascist groups in Nordic countries. For example SRM was behind the Kärrtorp-attack in Stockholm, Sweden in December 2013 after which many antifascists got long prison sentences for defending the attacked peaceful antiracist demonstration.

In Finland one of the first actions of people involved in FRM was the attack against Helsinki Pride with pepper spray and tear gas grenades in 2010. Some of the attackers got convicted of 88 cases of assault. The youngest victim was a 7-month-old infant.

The Finnish resistance movement is built as a sect with strict demands of subordination to the leadership. For example the members have to pay a fine to the Swedish leadership if they do not participate in plastering stickers around the cities two times a week. They also claim to have a good security culture even though their membership applications and secret inside forums have leaked to the internet multiple times. A key member of the organization is a snitch and has continued to work in FRM even after having snitched other nazis already in the beginning of 2013.

Weak leader and a snitch as a representative to Germany

Since 2012 the leader of FRM is a rigid nazi Juuso Tahvanainen, who says his conscience prohibits him from  working together with “strasserists”. For example in May day 2014 NRM was invited to participate in a demonstration called ”Tag der nationalen arbeit 2014” in Plauen, Germany. The invitation came from Stephan Günther who is a member of Nordisches Hilfswerkand and at least a contact person for the now illegal Freies Netz Süd. This information was found on the secret forum of the NRM. The May day event was organized by Der Dritte Weg –party that is a project of the now illegal Freies Netz Süd –group. After Juuso Tahvanainen found out that Der Dritte Weg is a strasserist organization he wrote to other Finns: “I am really sorry to have to cancel my trip at this point, but the event brings fourth too much symbolism (and ideology) from the Black Front, which is way too far from my values even considering the context of Germany today.” To this other leader of FRM, Ali Kaurila, responded:  “We have been planning this trip so long that it would cause a lot of questions if we cancel it at this point. Would there be someone else who wants to travel to Germany?”Snitch_paavo_laitinen_plauen_der_dritte_weg_nordic_resistance_movement_finnish_resistance_movement

Instead of Juuso Tahvanainen, NRM sent Paavo Laitinen as their representative to Plaumen. At this point Paavo Laitinen had already snitched all the people from FRM who participated in the so called library attack. They attacked a public presentation of a book concerning Finnish extreme right. The presentation was held in a public library in Jyväskylä, Finland on 30.1.2013. When the antifascists working as security guards at the library defended the event, one of the attacking Nazis drew a knife and stabbed one of the security guards. Paavo Laitinen was one of the three attackers. The second attacker was a local nazi Sampsa Muhonen who owns a nazi-clothing store called “Ferus Finnum”. Muhonen turned himself in the next day and snitched everyone involved. Paavo Laitinen got arrested the day after the attack. In addition to Muhonen Paavo Laitinen snitched everyone after sitting for a couple days in the police prison. He even admitted that he tried to get his 17-year-old brother and his brothers girlfriend to participate in the attack. At the time of arrest Laitinen also had a “list of race traitors” on his laptop. He got later convicted and had to pay about 30000 euros in fines for this list with hundreds of names, including minors. Latinen also had on his laptop a partially unencrypted discussion with Ali Kaurila, who is one of the leaders of FRM, about planning the knife attack to the library. So basically, the attack was at least partially planned by the leaders of FRM and two of the three FRM attackers snitched all the other nazis.

Paavo “snitch” Laitinen knows also how to play guitar.

Paavo Laitinen has held a key position in FRM in the last few years. He has been a central figure in making and updating FRM website, social media accounts, making propaganda videos and pictures, and worked as the leader of Jyväskylä local group. The court case against the library attack was held in the beginning of 2015, after that Paavo Laitinen has not been seen in the pictures posted on FRM site. He is still active in twitter, advertising FRM activities. It also seems like he is still the administrator of the website and continues making videos for FRM. Laitinen is also a bass player in the RAC-band “Pagan Skull” that has made a split with the Estonian RAC band “Minu Kamp”. After the snitching Pagan Skull has played for example at a gig organized by Finnish Blood and Honour.

Pagan Skull @ Blood and honour event.


Degradation of racial theories and FRM hostile neo-fascists as best friends

In the last year NRM has changed its politics and racial theories quite radically. Where as before NRM was only open for “Nordic blood” it is now possible for “all Europeans” to become members. They have also changed their view on parlamentarism. They used to be strictly against parlamentarism and called all parliamentary parties traitors of national socialist revolution. Now they are starting their own parliamentary party in Sweden. In march 2015 NRM took part in the international Russian conservative forum meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia, which was a pro-Putin event.

In Finland FRM has made co-operation with neofascist Suomen Sisu which has a couple of MPs in the Finnish parliament on the list of the populist and racist True Finns party. The most famous member of Suomen Sisu is the Eurabia theoretician Jussi Halla-aho. He is currently in the European Parliament as a member of True Finns party, which is part of the group European Conservatives and Reformists, that in turn consists of for example Conservative Party (UK), Law and Justice (Poland) and Danish People’s Party (Denmark). Also the Turkish party AKP (lead by Erdoğan) is part of the same alliance. Halla-aho was widely quoted by Breivik in his manifesto.

In the 6th of December 2014, which is the Independence Day of Finland, FRM, Suomen Sisu and an internet publishing site called Sarastus [Dawn] organized a nationalist demonstration “612”, in which organization or openly fascist symbols were not used. In the end of the summer 2015 Suomen Sisu and Sarastus called FRM “stupid and marginal” and condemned their politics and street actions because FRM had attacked locals at a demonstration in Jyväskylä in august 2015. It is still unclear if FRM still wants to co-operate with these organizations, that actively try to marginalize and condemn FRM inside the nationalisti scene in Finland.

To sum up, the Finnish resistance movement has a problem with a leadership that lets known snitches represent the whole Nordic resistance movement in international events and lets them continue to work in the organization. In addition, the leadership of FRM co-operates with strasserist and neofascist groups that are politically hostile towards FRM and condemns it publicly.

In the latest year NRM has started to open its doors by abandoning racial theory in favor of a “pan-European Pro-Putin nationalism”. Also a parliamentary group is to be created in Sweden. At the same time NRM still evokes a strategy of propagandist violent street actions where they attack local people in their demonstrations, which they never advertise publicly.

* Acutally just a few days ago Klas Lund was displaced as the leader. The new leader of NMR is Emil Hagberg, with the help of Simon Lindberg. The SRM parlamentarian party in Sweden is led by Pär Öberg. Lund has been a long time burden for NRM. He likes to live on other peoples money and most income of NRM has gone to feed him. For exmple Henrik Holappa published his book about Rudolf Hess through is own publishing house Fenrir Förlag instead of NRM/SRM.

You can read the original court documents containing all the snithcing from our webpage Unfortunatelly all the documents are in finnish only.

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