On the International Day of Solidarity with antifascist prisoners, from Finland with Love

Everyone has heard the stories of growing fascism all over the world. Especially the financial crisis in Europe has hit hard on the working class, making the trust in capitalism as a system to sink. For this we see once again how capital, the state and fascist are working together to secure their power in society.

Here in Finland we have witnessed how the racist party True Finns have gotten into the government. For the financial elite or even the centrist parties, social-democrats or mainstream media, it doesn’t matter that the new Minister of Defence Jussi Niinistö has a long history in the white power movement of the 90s, or that the MP Olli Immonen is the head of the neofascist group Suomen Sisu and organizes events with hitlerist Finnish ”Resistance” Movement. There are several links with Jussi Halla-Aho, who is a member of the European Parliament in the True Finn Party, with mass-murderer Breivik and all other Eurarbia fanatics. We can see how the government MP’s and mass-media are giving their blessing to racism and chauvinism in society in the name of ”consensus”

In the their new austerity plan, the new government is making a hard attack especially against women, students, poor people, asylum seekers and development aid NGOs, while the rich can keep freely accumulating their capital. Finnish right-wing government strongly opposes helping the people in Greece and elsewhere, while they are happy to build a nuclear power plant to Putin with tax payers money, increase corporate power through TTIP and letting IMF and ECB to take control of peoples lives in the name of “economic growth”.

The fascists in Finland are now making an attack against feminists, because they have already milked out the what they can from racism and building nationalism is already the top agenda of the state, as always. On top of that they are trying to form alliances with fanatic Christians on the questions concerning LGBTQ-rights. What they are laking is street movements that can make social projects for them.

Fascists think that they have the answer when they blame immigrants, leftists, anarchists, feminists, sexual minorities and labor movements for the financial crisis and problems in society. The truth is that they are just reproducing the teachings of neoliberal ideology and politics, that is sanctioning socialdarwinism in the name of the market. They are marionettes of capital.

We are to believe that everything in life is just a competition, a rat race for goods let them be social, cultural or economic. But as antifascist and anticapitalist we know that a world that builds on solidarity, mutual aid and respect is possible. We have to defend our movements against the repression of the state, fascist and all other conservative fanatics. We have to defend our neighborhoods from fascists so that they can never build their movements where we live. We have to constantly rethink our strategies and tactics so that we can bring down the capitalist system that is the root cause of fascism. And we have to backup our prisoners who are sitting far away from their loved ones, surrounded by concrete and all around surveillance.

Solidarity to all antifascist prisoners all over the world! We will not forget you, and we will not stop fighting!

Antifascist Varis-network


On the 25th of July 2015 we have had events in Lempäälä, Helsinki and Tampere.


We were distributing our material at the punk festival Puntala in Lempäälä. At the scene there were also many comrades from different Anarchist Black Cross groups in Finland. People were happy, drunk and definitively not nazi-punks as you can see from the picture.

Varis @ Puntala

Over the week we have worked against a nsbm/noise/rac -concert in Helsinki. We have managed to cancel at least two nsbm/rac/industrial-gigs, and brought a nazi sympathizing heavymetal bar in trouble with people who hate nazis. For example the grindcore band Rottenrotten_sound_peruutus Sound canceled their gig at PRKL Club because the bar had recently been involved in organizing multiple gigs with nazi bands. When fronted the bar didn’t condemn the nazi bands political views, but tried to blame antifascists for making a fuss about it.

We also managed to reveal the connections between a finnish nsbm/noise/industrial front figure Mikko Aspa and hitlerists from Finnish Resistance Movement (FRM). Aspa has been runing record labels Northern Heritage (black metal) and Freak Animal (noise/powerelectronics/industrial) and he owns a record store (Sarvilevyt) in Lahti where he has sold FRM material. Aspa has also been running a RAC soloproject, where he sings about racial war and white pride. Now there is no question that the finnish nsbm-scene has connections with “real” political fascist groups, and they can not just claim to be a theater show for laughs.

In Helsinki we organized a small solidarity manifestation in support of Russian antifascist prisoners Alexey Sutuga and Aleksandr Kolchenko.


Support images and slogans were also painted around Helsinki.


InAntifa_solidarity_helsinki_25_7_abc addition, we distributed pamphlets that contained descriptions of the situation of antifascist prisoners and had an event to write postcards of support to antifascist prisoners all around the world.

In Tampere we were distributing our flayers for the International antifascist prioners day and making propaganda around the city.